The phenomenon of “disconnected youth” is recognized and well-known. This refers to a far-reaching phenomenon of youth who do not find their places in the regular educational institutions because of various reasons, for example: concentration and attention problems that were not treated properly in their childhood, problems that arise due to their socio-economic situations, low status, etc.

These youths are expelled to the street and are bored with nothing to do because they are not able to learn a trade nor are they able to join the workforce. As a result, these youths come into contact with problematic companions and then the road is a short one to criminal type behavior and even drugs and actual crime and even worse

These youths lose any chance to lead a normal, healthy and independent life-style.

Unfortunately, the authorities have not found a real solution for these youth that would give them a supporting framework, accompaniment and rehabilitation, places for recreation and formal clubs, and eventually learning a trade which would give them hope to lead a worthy and fulfilling life towards raising a family. This is how the quiet organization by several activists began who gave up their time and lives for this project. They gathered youth from all corners of the streets and helped them to restore trust in themselves. This dream developed into a reality and the home of the “Youth Rehabilitation Center” became founded

A small warm home.

A home that accepts you as you are.

A home that understands you and your distress.

A home that is sensitive to your feelings and provides a quiet and sane corner.

A home where a warm healthful meal waits just for you each and every day.

The Center provides varied activities which slowly developed into an organized and structured character offering a daily schedule that includes various types of tours, computer rooms, community game-rooms, bowling, soccer, snooker and more

Including supervised sports, activities in water, and interesting and diverse lectures.

Another level of the Center’s activities includes legal aid and accompaniment for youth who have come into trouble with the legal authorities. These activities entail a great deal of financial expenditures. The City of Jerusalem has recognized the important activities of the Center and even allow it to use the municipalities property. Several improvised caravans were brought into the area and are used up to this day to house the “Youth Rehabilitation Center

The Director of the Center and the counselors who volunteer provide holy work and devote themselves towards the success of these youth. The Director does not rest for a moment and is not satisfied in just keeping the present status of the Center; rather he views the great responsibility of his job for the future of these youth. He has a grand vision of seeing them learn trades according to their capabilities and becoming integrated into the work force. The limitations are great especially taking into consideration that the present activities are severely limited due to the great financial daily burden of the yoke of maintaining the present structure of activities that falls completely on the shoulders of the Director. The Director works day and night in fundraising to support the center and its holy work. Almost all of the donations are from private groups without any support from the authorities

In addition, the present technical structure and its activities are housed in outdated antiquated caravans and the need is great and urgent to have the Center move to a permanent modern structure

Due to the severe shortage of manpower there is a dire need to add positions to enlarge the staff and to add counselors in order that the Center can be utilized to its fullest. There is no doubt that any aid given towards these important activities will help us to reach out and save more and more souls, widening their perspective and giving them realistic hopes for a brighter future